New Mercury Racing Quick-Change (QC) through transom exhaust tips, designed exclusively for Mercury Racing by Custom Marine, Inc., feature an easily removable anti-backflow valve. A screwdriver and box wrenches are all that is needed to remove and replace the internal valve assembly. The entire job can be done from outside of the boat in 10 minutes, without having to remove the entire exhaust tip body. The anti- backflow valve helps prevent water from entering the engine through exhaust pipes mounted through the boat transom.

Replacement parts for the entire exhaust tip assembly are readily available. The Mercury Racing QC exhaust tips are made of a tough 316L polished stainless steel material and are available with straight ends in 4" diameter. Custom 3½" diameter tips and 45-degree mitered ends are available from Custom Marine, Inc. at

The new QC through transom exhaust tips, available as a high performance accessory from Mercury Racing, fit all Mercury Racing and Mercury MerCruiser consumer sterndrive engine packages.