Stabicraft 1450 Frontier for sale.

Stabicraft's 1450 Frontier celebrates the legacy of one of their most accomplished and adaptable boats, the 1410. Yet, the 1450 surpasses its predecessor in excellence. Whether it's for family outings, diving expeditions, fishing trips, or adventurous pursuits, this vessel excels in all endeavors. It stands as the epitome of a sub-5-meter open boat, boasting unparalleled features. With ample storage and high, sturdy sides perfect for leaning or sitting, it's a formidable craft renowned for its durability and stability.


Stabicraft 1450 Frontier Specifications:

Length: 4.42m (14.5ft)

Max Persons: 4

Maximum HP: 50hp

Leg Length: 20 inches

Fuel Tank: Tote Tank

External Beam: 1.89m (75.7”)

Internal Beam: 1.35m (53.3”)

Deadrise: 15°

Tube Thickness: 3mm (0.118”)

Hull Thickness: 4mm (0.157”)

Dry Hull Weight (approx): 290kgs (683lbs)

Tow Weight (approx): 720kgs (1,587lbs)

Length on Trailer: 5.9m (19’4”)

Boat Height (approx): 1.41m (4'6")

Australian Builders Plate boat safety standards

NZ CPC boat safety standards

US Coastguard boat safety standards