Stabicraft 1850 Fisher for sale.

Geared up for every adventure!  Through insightful innovations, the 1850 Fisher now offers increased space, stability, safety, and comfort. Available in four distinct packages with various specifications and numerous customisation options, you can tailor your experience to your preferences. Whether it's a family fishing trip, a day of lake skiing, or offshore adventures with friends, there's a package perfectly suited to every need.


Stabicraft 1850 Fisher Specifications:

Length: 5.69m (18.5’ft)

Max Persons: 6

Maximum HP: 140hp

Maximum Engine Weight: 217kgs (478.4lbs)

Leg Length: 25”

Fuel Tank: 150L (39.6gal)

External Beam: 2.3m (7.54’)

Internal Beam: 1.724m (5.66’)

Deadrise: 16°

Tube Thickness: 3mm (0.118”)

Hull Thickness: 4mm (0.157”)

Total Sealed Volume (approx): 1,496L (395.2gal)

Dry Hull Weight (approx): 748kgs (1,651lbs)

Tow Weight (approx): 1,340kgs (2,954lbs)

Length on Trailer: 6.7m (22’)

Boat Height (approx): 1.8m (5'9")

Australian Builders Plate boat safety standards

NZ CPC boat safety standards

US Coastguard boat safety standards