Stabicraft 1550 Frontier for sale.

The arrival of the Stabicraft 1550 Frontier signals the eagerly awaited comeback of a beloved model. Stabicraft meticulously redesigned and refined this model to appeal to a wider range of users. Building upon the success of its smaller counterpart, the 1450 Frontier, Stabicraft enhanced its features while providing an open-boat alternative to the highly sought-after 1550 Fisher.


Stabicraft 1550 Frontier Specifications:

Length: 4.8m (15.8ft)

Max Persons: 5

Maximum HP: 75hp

Leg Length: 20"

Fuel Tank: Optional 60L/15.85gal

External Beam: 2.01m (79.1”)

Internal Beam: 1.35m (53.14”)

Deadrise: 15°

Tube Thickness: 3mm (0.118”)

Hull Thickness: 4mm (0.118”)

Total Sealed Volume (approx): 984L/260gal

Dry Hull Weight (approx): 550kgs (1,212bs)

Tow Weight (approx): 985kgs (2,171lbs)

Length on Trailer: 6.1m (20’0”)

Boat Height (approx): 1.68m (5’5”)

Australian Builders Plate boat safety standards

NZ CPC boat safety standards

US Coastguard boat safety standards